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Yes, we have designed Lady LeChat as a stylish logo for you to use in your French restaurant. But we have also formulated it to perform as more than just a logo. In fact, you’re free to use this designer logo in any type of business that you see fit.  

Your French restaurant needs a brand

Every business has a unique selling proposition (USP) that makes it a viable solution for its target market. Your French restaurant should have one too. This can be related to your pricing (e.g., the most affordable), product (e.g., the most reliable), customer relations (e.g., the most responsive) or any other characteristic that helps you stand out from your competition. The better your USP is reflected on your brand, the quicker your brand will establish itself as a viable solution. That’s why your French restaurant needs more than just a logo. It needs a solid brand.

A French restaurant logo with character

A solid brand is one that has a strategically crafted identity. For instance, Lady LeChat has an elegant, glamorous logo that conveys a sense of innocence. We identified these 3 characteristics as a result of the market research we conducted on French restaurant industry. We then vigorously visualized these characteristics through color, shape and typography.

If you choose to buy just the base logo, you’ll receive 9 .PNG files consisting of horizontal, vertical and small versions of the logo design of your choice, each version coming in black, white and coloured variations. You'll also get a free customization with every designer logo you purchase from our catalogue. You can learn more on the contents of your purchase here.

If you do not request a customization, you can receive your files within a few hours to your e-mail. If you request a customization, we will send a link containing your files to your e-mail address within 5 business days.

Absolutely! You can request a customization and use this logo in any industry or business that you see fit.

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Designer Logos

Each WOO logo is the fruit of an elaborate process: First our brand expert performs a market research in the industry. Based on its findings, an experienced graphic designer creates a brand along with a logo.

Flexible Pricing

You can chose to get just a designer logo for your business. Or you can buy additional features such as source files, obtain exclusive rights or arrange a brand strategy call with an actual marketing expert.