Pricing and Contents

Each designer logo on our catalogue has a base price. The base price for each logo can be different but it typically varies between 150 USD - 300 USD. With each designer logo purchase, you can request a FREE customization by ticking the "customize your logo" checkbox during your purchase and filling in the information required.  


1. What do I get with my purchase? 

If you choose to buy just the base logo, you’ll receive 9 .png files consisting of 1) horizontal, 2) vertical and 3) small versions of the logo design of your choice, each version coming in black, white and coloured variations. You can see an example here. You'll also get a free customization with every designer logo you purchase from our catalogue. To request a free customization simply tick the “customize your logo” checkbox on the logo page and fill in the text-boxes that appear.   

2. What extra features can I pay for?

While placing your order, you’ll see 3 checkboxes that allow you to add additional features / services such as the source files of the designer logo, an upgrade to an exclusive license or a brand strategy zoom call. These are optional. If you choose to add a feature / service on top of your designer logo purchase, its respective price will be automatically added on your total sum at checkout provided that you tick the respective checkbox for the service. Currently the following additional features / services are available for purchase:

Source Files: You get .eps file containing the source files of the designer logo you purchased. Priced at 100 USD. 

Exclusive License: Exclusive rights to the designer logo of your purchase. The logo will not be available for sale to other clients after your purchase is finalized. Priced at 150 USD. 

Brand Strategy Call: You will be matched with a brand expert that'll give you tips and tricks on how to build, improve and optimize your brand over a 1-hour-long Zoom call on your date of choice. Once you made your purchase, we we'll get in touch with you through e-mail. Priced at 100 USD.

Customers located outside the United States:

Default logo license prices featured on our website are all in USD. If you'd like to see the prices in your own currency (e.g., EUR) please go to the bottom of the page and select your country from the dropdown menu. For questions relating to license contents, scope, rights and royalties please visit our FAQ page by clicking on the button below.