Story of the Costco Logo

Story of the Costco Logo

Costco logo’s meaning and history

Costco is a unique retail company that allows its cardholding customers to shop at its warehouse locations. Throughout the years the iconic Costco logo has gone through some revisions keeping its timeless allure all the while.

Arguably the world’s one of the most prominent retail stores, today Costco has a logo that conveys a smart, forward thinking and cost-effective spirit. This is by no means a coincidence. The Costco logo has most likely been designed to evoke a feeling of great value and efficacy, two core values which the brand seems to strongly embrace.

Costco logo and its use of color

The Costco logo is a multicolor logo that makes use of red and blue as its primary color. red and blue is known to symbolize great value which makes it a popular choice for likeminded brands that wish to be associated with this quality.

Costco logo and its use of typography

To convey its smart and forward thinking character the Costco logo utilizes a sans serif typeface. Another noteworthy aspect of the Costco logo’s typeface preference is the use of uppercase characters to support the cost-effective character of the brand.

Where to download the Costco logo as a PNG

If you’d like to use the logo of a company in any type of project, you should always consult with the company in question first to avoid breaking any copyright rules and regulations. With that being said, use of a logo for informational and editorial purposes is typically considered allowed. If you intend to use the Costco logo for such purposes, you can refer to related page on the company’s website. You can download the logo as a PNG here

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