Purrrfect Cat Logo Designs to Inspire Your Branding

A Cute Cat Logo Idea Illustrated in Purple, green, yellow and red.

Cat logos are used in branding and design across virtually every industry, and it’s not hard to see why. There’s just something about them that captures the imagination. Their natural grace, elegance, and sass…cats are compelling, enigmatic creatures that we can’t take our eyes off of.

Plus, cats are natural shapeshifters within the world of logo design. With just a few key aesthetic choices, a designer can play with the feline silhouette and substance to evoke a wide range of emotions, moods, and identities. This versatility makes them a favored design element when establishing brand identity for small businesses.

Here are just a few examples of the ways cat logo designs have left their paw prints across every kind of industry. Add these kitty-themed creations to your branding vision board for your next logo design or simply admire them for their “cattitude.”

Sophisticated Cat Logos

Lithe and always landing on their feet, cats move and pose with a natural sophistication. Brands can borrow these elegant qualities for themselves in several different ways, such as putting a dignified cat profile at the center of their logo design.

Minimalist Cat Logos

It doesn’t take much to capture the distinctive feline outline: a pair of pointed ears, a few feathery whiskers, and perhaps a gracefully arched tail. Approaching a cat logo design in this way is the epitome of understated elegance. The simple line strokes create an airy and effortless-seeming appeal that positions a brand as a “cool cat.

Cute and Playful Cat Logos

As famously aloof as cats can be, there’s also a playful, sweet side to them. Channeling this side of them in a logo design can be as simple as adding a bright pop of color and depicting them in a sassy sitting pose or with a playfully outstretched arm.  

There’s no denying it — cats are just plain cute, from their boop-able noses to the little tufts of hair on their ears and cheeks. Lots of brands capitalize on this cuteness with cat logo designs that play up their cuddliness, with soft, rounded lines and pastel color palettes. 

Cool Cat Logos

Cats are multidimensional creatures with hidden sides to their personalities — there’s something almost otherworldly about them. A rainbow color palette is a striking way to highlight their distinctive coolness. So is a logo design that emphasises their expressive eyes and delightfully dynamic tails.

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if you’d like discover more cat logos, you can take a look at our dedicated collection of cat logosDue to their subjective nature, logos can be pretty versatile. A logo designed for a particular business can also work for another type of field. We suggest going through a good number of logo designs targeted at various industries before making up your mind. 

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