Roofer Logos to Help You Hang Your Shingle

Roofer Logos to Help You Hang Your Shingle

Whether you work as part of a construction team or are an independent home improvement contractor, a roofing business logo is an essential part of branding yourself and letting the world know what your business is all about. And the good news is, hammering down ideas for roofer logos is every designer’s dream. Why? 

Because homes and roofs have such a distinctive yet versatile shape, they can be used in several different ways to create a range of styles of roofing logos. Gables, A-frames, bonnets, and other roof types all evoke the image of home with just a few lines, which makes creating roofer logos a dream project for any designer.

Here are some of our favorite examples of roofing business logos, from the simple and sturdy to the splashy and showy.

1. Simple Roofer Logos

A minimalist approach to your roofing logo is simple, effective, and memorable. Clean lines and a limited color palette create a sophisticated impression that positions your brand as a reliable, sturdy, and no-fuss, no-muss experience.

But just because a roofing logo is simple doesn’t mean that it’s boring. Simple logo designs are often highly conceptual and visually striking. Just take a look at the different ways the logos below make use of color, shape, size, and scale to create eye-catching designs.


2. Detailed Roofer Logos

As much as we love simple logos, there’s also a lot to be said for logo designs that are full of clever and relevant details.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to adding design-driven touches to a roofing business logo. You can play with all kinds of elements, such as chimneys, windows, a hammer and nail, and more.


3. Eco-friendly Roofer Logos

Sustainability is a huge selling point, so if your roofing business uses eco-friendly materials and methods, make sure your roofer logo expresses that loud and clear!  

There are plenty of ways to visually brand yourself as an eco-friendly business, from showing your commitment to “going green” by making it a prominent color in your logo to adding earth-related design flourishes like a leaf, tree, or flowing water.


Explore More Roofing Logo Design Ideas for Branding Your Business

If you’d like to have your roofing business logo to the experts, we can help. From pre-made brand kits that are quick and simple to customize to complete branding packages, we can get your roofing business logo built from the ground up in no time, as well as your social media images, brand guidelines, and more.

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